Liz Addie

Elizabeth Addie

Psychologist and Relationship Counsellor


Happy long term relationships

Elizabeth works with couples to help them create happy long term relationships. This can involve understanding and improving communication, learning conflict management approaches, learning to listen better, building better emotional connections, and working to align goals and to support each other's life goals.

Recovery from hurts and rebuilding trust

Relationship therapy also assists couples to recover from emotional hurts they have experienced and to rebuild trust. Otherwise, these "emotional injuries" will get in the way of the work a couple wants to do to improve their relationship.

Evidence based therapy

Elizabeth primarily draws on the work of John Gottman whose relationship research has created the best evidence base for couple's work. Elizabeth has done extensive training in this modality. She also uses elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Schema Therapy in couple's work.

Domestic violence

If a relationship involves an imbalance of power, where one person cannot speak freely for fear of retribution, then it is not possible to undertake relationship counselling. If this applies to your relationship situation, please seek help from a Domestic Violence service. These services are free and confidential.