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Children Counselling

Does your child need help dealing with challenging behaviours or anger?

Is your child becoming withdrawn or sad?

Is your child adjusting to changing family circumstances such as separation or divorce?

Is your child coping with a loss?

If this is your child's situation - counselling can offer a safe haven for your child to talk. Conversation is supplemented with specific therapeutic interventions of Tree of Life and Sand Play Therapy. Children express their feelings and thoughts better in an interactive process.

From these sessions we will understand what is troubling your child and how best to help them in their life.

Children counselling

In the first session I meet with you the Parent(s) to discuss concerns. I will then make a draft therapy plan and share this with you.The following sessions will most likely be a mixture of child sessions and parent and child sessions. It may be useful to have one or two specific sessions just with you the parent(s), if your concerns are primarily around behaviour management. 

If required cognitive/learning assessments can be undertaken and reports provided for children from the age of six years. 

At the conclusion of therapy you should find a noticeable improvement in your child's wellbeing and behaviour.  

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