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Relationship Counselling

Express concerns in a safe, sympathetic and conflict free environment. Discuss problems you are experiencing and how they are effecting your relationship so that they can be understood and resolved.

Understand each other and connect more with how each other is feeling. This creates a stronger relationship with more respect and affection.

Improve the quality of your relationship through improved communication from both of you.

Identify and address underlying personal issues that are impacting negatively on your relationship.

Recover your relationship (if both partners want this) through understanding, respecting and defining your values and goals. 

Bring you back from the brink of separation by assisting you to understand the stressors that are happening in your life and how these impact on both of you.

Couple counselling

Talk over problems and gain a new perspective

Deal with the difficult and complex issues which can arise

Understand and express your emotions 

Set goals and make plans for the future

Make a successful transition to your new situation

For couples who choose to separate, good communication is essential to your own and your family's well being. Conflict resolution and problem solving methods can be effective tools to reduce your stress around your differences.

Couples counselling3
relationship counselling

Our initial session will look at the presenting problems within the context of your unique relationship, and gain an understanding of your relationship and its history. We set the goals you want for your relationship.

You will then be invited to have an individual session each, where we get an understanding of some of your background and earlier life issues which may be affecting the well being of your relationship. You will also receive a link to complete a set of comprehensive relationship questionnaires. I then prepare a treatment plan and select the best tools and strategies to help you. The following sessions will be joint sessions where we will work together to address problems and achieve your relationship goals.

Relationship counselling is evidence based, using the Gottman Method for Healthy Relationships.

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