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Career Counselling

Which career is best for me?

Which university or TAFE program should I apply for?

Will I have the OP or selection rank I need, or how can I upgrade?

I haven't finished school, what pathways are available for me?

What apprenticeships or traineeships can I apply for?  

How do I write my resume, cover letter, selection criteria, prepare for a job interview? 

I am reentering the workforce and I have lost my skills and confidence, what should I do?

I need a change of job, but I don't know what is out there, what would suit me best and how to go about making the change?

Career counselling

Elizabeth helps young people and adults to plan their career and educational pathways. You are invited to participate in a Career Pathway Planning session, at the end of which you will be clear, confident and on track. 

How does Career Pathway Planning work?

A Career Pathway Planning session is comprised of:

  • Vocational assessment.
  • In depth interview exploring your vocational interests, aptitudes, values, lifestyle preferences. 
  • Review of your employment and educational background. 
  • Identification of what you want to achieve from your working life.
  • Investigation of suggested occupations and study options.
  • Planning clear and achievable pathways for your preferred options.
  • A great career plan will be created and you will receive a step by step pathway plan to follow.

What is Elizabeth's experience and qualifications for Career Planning? 

Elizabeth has over twenty years experience in career and educational guidance in South East Queensland. Her experience spans schools and TAFE colleges. 

Elizabeth is a registered psychologist. She is also qualified as both a guidance and career counsellor with a Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling) and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Careers).

professional supervision
Counselling is available for employees to address work, transition, personal or family issues. Counselling will improve your well being and work performance. Please inquire with your employer regarding eligibility for employee assistance counselling.

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