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A Confidential Supportive Environment
Adult Counselling

People see psychologists for a number of reasons. A safe supportive environment will help you to express your concerns and discuss problems openly. You will be listened to without judgment. This will assist you to clarify your thoughts and feelings. We will work together to set therapy goals which are realistic for you.

Effective Evidence Based Therapy
Effective Therapy

Once goals have been set, we will use evidence based therapies to get the best outcomes for your situation. Therapy is a partnership, we will be working together. The following are examples of the type of work which we may do when you come to therapy:

  • We will draw on psycho-education to provide a greater knowledge and understanding for you.
  • We will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to get an understanding of how your thinking patterns, and feelings affect your well being. For example we may use a “Mood Diary” to help you gain a better picture of what is happening on a daily basis and from this knowledge undertake effective change. 
  • We will use Relaxation and Mindfulness strategies to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety in your life, and you will learn the skills to practice these techniques at home and at work.
  • We will use Schema Therapy to explore long standing concerns and personality difficulties.
  • You will learn how to effectively use problem-solving skills.
  • We will work on improving your anger management and communication skills.
Specialised Assessments And Reports
Adult Counselling

You may be referred to a psychologist for a specialized bariatric assessment. Elizabeth currently provides:

  • Assessment for bariatric surgery.

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